Rüsselsheim 2020 – The Future has Taken off

Shortly after publication of the Rüsselsheim 2020 in December 2006, first steps for implementation have been initiated.

Rüsselsheim 2020 Milestones


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  • Rüsselsheim 2020 Public information
    Leaflet on the strategic city development study "Rüsselsheim 2020" distributed to all Rüsselsheim citizens
  • First public presentation of the study contents


Launch "Rüsselsheim 2020" with inaugural presentations.



Commissioning of a Strategic City Development Study
The City of Rüsselsheim and Adam Opel GmbH jointly commission the study "Rüsselsheim 2020" to Hessen Agentur (Business Development Agency of Hesse) in cooperation with the renowned experts Prof. Dr. Reinhardt Hujer and Dr. Dr. hc Bert Rürup.