Rüsselsheim 2020 – The Future has Taken off

Shortly after publication of the Rüsselsheim 2020 in December 2006, first steps for implementation have been initiated.

Rüsselsheim 2020 Milestones


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The following was resolved at the city representatives' meeting:

  • First layout plans and environmental report on the development of the Opel Forum were presented. For scientific clarification of issues such as traffic, noise levels, monument protection and impact on the city business in total, further studies and surveys have been commissioned.
  • The Rüsselsheim business development will extend its international marketing activities on Asia-Pacific, with a special focus on Korea and China to reinforce strategic city partnerships und international relations. Existing contacts shall be strengthened; new contacts shall be established to enhance potential investments in the City of Rüsselsheim.



The following was resolved at the city representatives' meeting:

  • Rüsselsheim 2020 roll-out plan agreed by city representatives. Municipality will account for implementation of 55 measures.
  • Strategic decisions on single measures will be taken individually.



First public presentation of development plans of the new City Centre "Opel Forum" at a Citizen Forum. The Mayor of Rüsselsheim, the investors and experts introduced their plans for the development of the former corporate site into a modern city centre. The "Opel Forum" will be an extensive multi-purpose facility featuring a shopping mall, an automotive adventure world with automotive museums and vintage car exhibitions as well as a hotel, restaurants, offices and flats.


  • Investors sign contract with Adam Opel GmbH on the Opel Forum development.



City representatives commission City Magistrate with the realisation of the Rüsselsheim 2020 Study

  • Implementation of the three master goals and the five main areas of activities
  • Roll-out Plan defining priorities, responsibilities and time line for the 55 measures to be provided in October
  • As of autumn 2007, proposals for single measures may be presented to the City representatives to be passed
  • Bi-annual status report
  • Website providing a continuous survey on the implementation status



Opening of the new Rüsselsheim Wirtschaftsservice premises in the new station building. This joint venture between the City of Rüsselsheim and the privately owned STEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft is designed as a "one-stop-agency" to support local business as well as attracting additional investors.



  • City representatives agree to the findings and proposals of the study "Rüsselsheim 2020". All measures have to be realised within due time.
  • Detailed roll-out plan with assigned responsibilities and agreed timelines to be developed by June 2007.