Rüsselsheim 2020 – The Future has Taken off

Shortly after publication of the Rüsselsheim 2020 in December 2006, first steps for implementation have been initiated.

Rüsselsheim 2020 Milestones


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The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • As of 2010, a new department "Rüsselsheim Marketing" will be inaugurated as a legal unit of the urban City Development Corporation Rüsselsheim (Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Rüsselsheim = STEG). The new responsibility will focus on topics such as Local Marketing including Brand Management and City Centre Marketing. Tourism has no priority for the moment.




The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The river bank of the Main river shall be redesigned, starting with the construction section "Westend Playground Island". The reshaping of the green- and leisure-areas on the river bank will increase the quality of sojourn. Each section will be realised individually. The section "Westend Playground Island" is next in line.
  • The current multipurpose hall – Walter-Köbel-Halle – would require a significant investment to meet state-of-the-art standard. Hence, the city council decided to consider a new development that will meet future standards from the start and fulfil modern requirements for school sports and sports clubs. This new development could also be used as a convention centre.



The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The city representatives declined the city magistrate’s proposal for remodelling the Marktstrasse and all respective change requests. Consequently, it will not be refurbished in the near future.
  • The city representatives agreed on redesigning the river bank of the Main river to enhance the visual and territorial experience of the river. Futher, alongside the river a non-intermittent footpath for pedestrians and a cycle track between the communities of Rüsselsheim, Raunheim and Kelsterbach will be established. The redesigning of the river banks will be realised in separate construction section.

  • The city representatives agreed on an inter-municipal concept for a closer cooperation between the communities Rüsselsheim, Raunheim and Kelsterbach. An integrated strategic concept will be the platform for an inter-municipal team. It will also be the prerequisite for requesting subsidies granted by the state of Hesse ("Stadtumbau Hessen" – city redevelopment in Hesse). In order to meet the changing demographic and economic challenges, the cooperation between municipal administration, politics, economy, special interest groups and citizens will be intensified.



The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The restructuring of the TIGZ (=Technology- and Innovation Centre for business start-ups) has been initiated by the city representatives. The municipal magistrate will develop the future strategy for the TIGZ for new businesses.




The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • Blauer See Business Park to attract new groups of potential investors: Newly defined guidelines on the size of compounds and the opening for new business areas will enhance the sales of the Blauer See Business Park.