Rüsselsheim 2020 – The Future has Taken off

Shortly after publication of the Rüsselsheim 2020 in December 2006, first steps for implementation have been initiated.

Rüsselsheim 2020 Milestones


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The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • A resolution was passed concerning the transformation of Marktstraße / Gemeindeplatz. This undertaking is intended to improve the inner city, particularly in terms of its image and the time people spend there. Efforts will also be made to ensure that the transformation matches the design of the Opel Forum. The renovation is to proceed in a total of six building phases, and the businesses affected are to remain accessible for deliveries and customers at all times. The majority of the project will be financed by subsidies from the state of Hesse.

  • A report was given on individual projects that have been realized among Rüsselsheim, Raunheim, and Kelsterbach since the city representatives resolved to implement an integrated concept of cooperation involving the three communities. Subsidies will cover 60% of the funds required; the remaining 40% will be apportioned among the communities.

  • A resolution concerning the renovation of Walter-Köbel-Halle was passed. In the future, the facility will only be capable of supporting sport-related activities. The construction of the sport hall in 1970 now only allows for a very limited range of events; the legal aspects of possible building efforts intended to facilitate further uses will thus be investigated.




The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • Rüsselsheim has made key strides in the provision of fibre optics. With amounts of data – such as those transferred over the internet – expected only to increase, it is imperative that forward-thinking communities supply high-speed data infrastructure. Rüsselsheim’s municipal utility company is currently examining the costs and other requirements which would be involved in providing the city with fibre-optic lines. The company’s efforts were duly noted by the city representatives.

  • With the urban development contract concerning the construction of the Opel Forum having laid a foundation for further ties to the city, the contract is to be submitted to the members of the planning, building, and environment committee for advisement in a closed session. This resolution was passed by the city representatives.



The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The basic services offered by the city’s Economic Development Department (Wirtschaftsförderung) and the activities of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences are to receive increased support in the area of company foundations. This will include a foundation convention at the university, a consulting network involving the university, and opportunities to encourage talented students. Meanwhile, a start-up service is to be established that will aid entrepreneurs in networking with experienced company founders, stage information events at schools, provide for an expanded presence online, and offer special consultant days with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer), the Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer), banks and other institutions.

  • A work group drawn together from the areas of urban development, economic development, and urban planning – as well as Kultur123, the city museum, and the city library – is to be established to lay the groundwork for the cultural revitalisation of the old Opel plant. This is to incorporate elements of external expertise, as well. Corresponding funds are to be earmarked for the project.



The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  •  At the request of Mayor Gieltowski, a work group involving 12 businesses, the city of Rüsselsheim, and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences was founded to attend to topics concerning sustainability and mobility. Its objective is to further Rüsselsheim’s development into a model city.