Rüsselsheim 2020 – The Future has Taken off

Shortly after publication of the Rüsselsheim 2020 in December 2006, first steps for implementation have been initiated.

Rüsselsheim 2020 Milestones


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The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The city representatives voted unanimously on the provision of fibre optics in Rüsselsheim. The Hasengrund industrial area in particular is in need of additional data infrastructure and will thus be outfitted with fibre optics as part of a pilot project. This project is to be carried out by Rüsselsheim’s municipal utility company, provided it is in accordance with the applicable legal provisions concerning competition and public procurement. To help finance this measure, the city representatives also resolved to pass an increase in equity capital or an investment grant. The magistrate is to develop a schedule and plan of action for installing a uniform fibre-optic network in Rüsselsheim and present them to the city representatives’ assembly for resolution. In addition to ensuring that synergy effects are produced with the municipal organisations that are also working on the expansion of the city-wide fibre-optic network, the magistrate will render regular reports on said cooperation.




The following was resolved at the city representatives’ meeting:

  • The city representatives took note of the draft concept submitted by an investor. They also acknowledged that the investor views the city’s demolition of a protected landmark building and construction of the western tangent as basic requirements for the project’s A+B area. Finally, the representatives noted that the investor is continuing its work based on the new concept. A work group comprising representatives of the factions and the administration is to be formed with the goal of coming to agreements with the investor regarding structuring, possible demolition activities, and the renovation of building sections marked for demolition. The results produced by this work group are to be established in an urban development contract that will be completed and presented to the city representatives for resolution. Meanwhile, the magistrate is to commence the planning of the adjacent western area along with Adam Opel AG. The magistrate has also been assigned the task of ascertaining how the city’s investments in the Opel Forum project might be safeguarded should the forum not come to fruition.