Implementation Status Rüsselsheim 2020

The City of Rüsselsheim gets ready for the future.

Each of the “Rüsselsheim 2020” 55 measures can be tracked online on the German Website. Each number describes the planned measures and the status. Thus the Rüsselsheim population, politicians and businesses can follow the progress of realisation closely.



Create easy accessibility to connect the Opel Forum with the City Centre

Linking of the Opel Forum and the City Centre for mutual benefit. Prevent a situation of detachment and isolation where the Forum is perceived as out of space and not as an integral part of the City Centre.

Due to the global crisis in general and in the automotive markets in particular (Opel in Rüsselsheim) the project implementation has been postponed significantly.

Main focus
Promote commercial activities
Main focus
Upgrading the City Centre
Main focus
Living in attractive residential areas
Main focus
Adjustment of the urban infrastructure
Main focus
Qualification of leisure, education and culture
  • im Plan on time
  • verzögert delayed
  • gestoppt cancelled
  • erfolgt realised

The overview lists the status of each measures – for details please refer to German version.